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The melodies reflect the character or the appearance of the lasses and the lads
The melodies reflect the character or the appearance of the lasses and the lads

These are ceremonies at Strandzha region in the period between winter and spring that are most typical for the original folklore there. The ceremonies begin with the burning of the basket at the village square and continue in the spacious fields and picturesque places where all the inhabitants of the village participate.

The celebrations continue 42 days – from St. Todor’s Day till St. Lazar’s Day / Saturday before Palm Sunday/. Every Sunday everybody goes to the place and takes part in the celebrations. Local musicians fill the area with melodious songs. At the end of the cold winter before the hard field work the young look for their wooer or bride. The girls and lads draw closer together and through the game to express their preferences to choose their partner. Most interesting are the songs of the fiancées; they reflected the girl’s and lad's character and appearance.

‘Manda is dear. Manda is a pot of honey’ /for a plump girl/

‘Donna is a fish-barrel’ /for a short and fat girl/

‘Yana is a louse on the forehead’ /for a haughty girl/

Almost four years the games of “Filek” are restored in Malko Tarnovo town. They are perfomed not only from youths but are joined by five generations of the locals. In this natural way continuity of ritual’s performance and it becomes more colorful and memorizing.

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