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At the end of the winter, on the first Sunday before Lent /called also ‘Pokladi’/ is performed the ritual ‘Palikosh’. On this day the youngs ask the olds to forgive them, in order not to live hard during the whole year. When the olds are asked to forgive, they say: ‘May The Lord and me forgive you!’ and urge the youngs to sing a song, because ‘a holiday without songs is not a real holiday’. The hostess had made ‘banitsa’ with cheese still in the early morning. The previous night at each house people tie up an egg or a piece of white khalva on a thread hanged from the ceiling. The eldest woman in the family shakes the thread and each child tries to bite the candy without helping with hands. On this day, /this is a natural ending of the mummer’s holiday/, at the village square people burn up a basket filled with straw. The burning basket is lifted high up by strong men with the help of long rods. The people form a big ‘horo’ around the burning basket. When the basket falls to the ground everybody tries to jump over it for to be healthy.

Last updated: 26.04.2006