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Authentic folklore groups
The group performs the songs and the customs from the past
The group performs the songs and the customs from the past

Magnetism is the feeling of touching to the magnificent Strandzha songs usually sing on a working-bee in the village of Brashlyan.The two authentic folklore groups jealously protect the family tradition everything received by grandmothers, mothers, relatives that keep life the folklore memory. The singing of the groups in the village of Brashlyan will make you feel the atmosphere in the village, its spirit, the folklore tradition of the habits, rituals, “filek” games.

Enchanting melodies and rhythms of the Strandzha song you could hear from the authentic folklore group in the village of Grammatikovo. In the stylish performances are woven the smoothness of the speech and the typical vocabulary of the locals. The contemporary national movement for revival of the spring folklore started in the village in 1960. Manol Michailov is born in Grammatikovo village. He is a singer of folklore songs and his incorporation to the folklore art starts from here.

The performances of the authentic folklore group in the village of Zvezdets are distinguished with an emotional expressiveness and human warmth coming from earth’s womb and the beauty of Strandzha region. The group popularizes the folklore in its wealth and uniquity. They deal with gathering activity also. The women sing from all their hearts for the hearts!

The authentic folklore group to community centre Prosveta in Malko Tarnovo town will surprise you with their masterly performances and a rich repertoire. The women from the group are related to the initiatives connected to the folk music in the region of Malko Tarnovo: concerts, singing competitions, fairs and celebrations. In this way the Strandzha song remains live, loved and continues to pursue the life of the locals.

Our modern time demands other forms of presentation of the folklore art, well-known by the authentic folklore groups in Brashlyan village, Grammatikovo village, Zvezdec village and Malko Tarnovo town.
Last updated: 26.04.2006