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Easter in Stranzha region
On this day everybody is dressed in new cloths, smiled and with an egg in the pocket
On this day everybody is dressed in new cloths, smiled and with an egg in the pocket

Easter is the brightest of the celebrations and it continues three days. The preparation for the celebration starts earlier. The week before Easter is called ‘the great Sunday’.

On the great Thursday the eggs are painted. The Starndzha house keeper together with her children paints at about 100-150 eggs. It depends on the members of the family. The eggs are painted only in red and yellow color. These colors become from boiled leaves of a pear, sumac, madder, dock, bear ear and hulls of onion. The eggs could be waxed before boiling. The first painted egg stays until next Easter.

The fighting with eggs is an important moment in the ritualism. According to the belief the winner will be healthy all year long. On Sunday church bells ring solemn. Easter chain-dances are performed. The girls and boys are swinging on cradles called ‘vartikolnitsi’. Painted eggs and an Easter cake are brought to the relatives.

Everyone goes to the Orthodox Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno” to listen to the Easter liturgies and in the Catholic Church “The Holy Triad”. Easter chain-dances and cradles are in the centre of the town.
Last updated: 26.04.2006