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International painting exhibition

The goal of the International painting exhibition is to make popular the unique Starndzha nature, architectural and historical sightseeing, and the way of life and spirit of the Strandzha region by painting creations in oil, aquarelle, and pastel.

The beginning of the International painting exhibition is laid in 1999 year from the Directorate of the Strandzha Natural Park. During the first year have been participated only Bulgarian painters but in the following years are invited to participate painters from Italy, Macedonia, Finland, Ukraine, Turkey and Bulgaria.

From 2001 year it is organized and financed by the municipality of Malko Tarnovo town entirely and is a part of the summer cultural festivals in the town.

The duration of the exhibition is 12 days and during them the painters are inspired from the distinguished natural, cultural and historical recesses of the municipality.

Every edition ends with an exhibition. After that the exposition moves to art galleries in Sofia and Bourgas. Selection of canvases from the exhibitions had visited Ankara – Turkey (2004 year).

Last updated: 26.04.2006