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National fair – singing competition “Strandzha sings”

The singing competition “Strandzha sings” was carried out for the first time on 28th, 29th, 30th may in 1960 year in the village of Grammatikovo with the decision of the Ministry of culture. This is the first national cultural event which revives the Bulgarian folklore.

Many talents are discovered on the first fair: Kalinka Zgurova, Petranka Todorova, Georgi Pavlov, Raina Mavrova, Yanka Rupkina. Komnya Stoyanova, Magda Pushkarova, Sava Popsavov, Raina Petrova and many others participated as distinguished singers.

In 1995 is carried out the second national fair “Strandzha sings”, rehabilitated from the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town. In 2000 year is celebrated its 40 anniversary and a decision is taken the event to be carried out on every 4 years. In the competition took part solo and group singers of Strandzha folk songs and dances, reproduction of rituals, instrumental players of sherherd’s pipe, bagpipe, rebec.

An organizer of the National fair – singing competition “Strandzha sings” in the village of Grammatikovo is the Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town. It is carried out under the aegis of the Ministry of culture and the Institution of folklore to Bulgarian academy of sciences, union of Bulgarian composers, Bulgarian national radio and television.

The singing competition aims to popularize the rich Strandzha song folklore with the discovery and recognition of new talents.

The participants in the competition could be performers of Strandzha authentic folklore from all country regions. Songs from the region of Sakar and Eastern Thrace are allowed.

There are four age groups: first one - to 7 years old, second one - from 7 to 14 years old, third one – from 15 to 25 years old, and the last one over 25 years old. The same is for the instrumentalists.

The authentic folklore groups and performers of rituals should present the folklore culture of the Strandzha, Sakar and Eastern Thrace regions.

Next National Folklore Fair of singing competition “Strandzha sings” will carry out in 2008 year.

An inquiry phones:

Municipality Of Malko Tarnovo town, department Culture - 05952/ 29 85

Community centre “Prosveta”, Malko Tarnovo town - 05952/ 21 49
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