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Kovach place – Inn Kovach, Ethnographical Complex

Owner: Stoyan Iliev 088 9 432 055, 089 9 812 882

Address: Kovach area – it is situated 2 km away from Zvezdets village on the road to Malko Tarnovo town under the bridge over the Veleka river

Kovach complex offers:

  • three double rooms and two apartments
  • tavern – delicious and ecological foods that are produced locally: buffalo, sheep, goat cheese and milk, Strandzha delicacies


  • picnic
  • riding horses
  • tourist horse and bicycle rides
  • sport hunting and fishing
  • village farm and exotic zoo area


  • Strandzha dyado (grandfather)
  • homemade yellow cheese
  • homemade cheese
  • fish
  • roasted pig
  • lamb/kid goat on barbecue and baked


  • 3 X 2 – WC, bathroom, central heating, TV
  • apartment – 2 X 4, satellite, TV

Tavern – 80 places

  • beach on the river
  • blacksmith
  • pottery
  • winery
  • carpenter’s shop
  • rackiya (brandy) distiller

Languŕges - English, German, Russian

Destinations – echo and bicycle nature paths


  • Picnic under the nest of Egyptian vulture
  • Watching and filming of protected species of birds
  • Safari in the forest and visitation of caves (15 km car ride to the historical Petrova niva area)
  • Buckovski cloister
  • Chapel (direction to Zvezdets village – 2 km away)
  • Five century-old oak trees – car ride (6/7 km) – walking tour (1 km)
  • Trout fishing
  • Riding horse
Last updated: 26.04.2006