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Brashlyan village – the life antiquity

The tourists’ participation in the organized from the local associations working bees with a demonstration of local well-tried methods for a make of woven – carding, comber crawling, spinning, winding up of pipes of whip and looming is a part of the coloring of the visit of Brashlyan village.

A pleasant surprise is waiting for you in the village. You could enjoy the wonderful Strandzha songs sitting in between the women from the spring folklore groups. You will be taken on a graceful ruchenitsa (a Bulgarian folk dance) and a jolly chain dance on the background of a deep-toned sound of a Strandzha kettle-drum and bagpipe.

On every price you could try the specialty of the Brashlyan women – a Strandzha leek pasty. This is a traditional region dish.

Last updated: 26.04.2006