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The antiquities of Malko Tarnovo town – memory and symbol of the town
The museum complex panorama
The museum complex panorama

From the region of Malko Tarnovo town so far are known three devoted inscriptions to Zeus - Dionysus (II-III century A.D.) and two to Apollonius. These inscriptions are repeated in several epigraph monuments so the possibility that their being is occasional is overthrown and protects the idea about the existence of two sanctuaries during Roman epoch where a solar cult is confessed.

The honor towards Zeus - Dionysus in these unique inscriptions is a reason for many interpretations. Some scholars reckon Dionysus is marked as a supreme god. The basic inscriptions’ information is that in the region has been situated a large sanctuary called Dionysus association. According to the founded archeological facts the sanctuary probably has been situated in the region where the building of the former girls’ catholic boarding school in Malko Tarnovo town was. It has been a central sanctuary of many spread out in the region ore-mining settlements.

Three of totally five inscriptions are made by priests. The same ones for a while have been the great priests and made a dedication in the inscription for themselves and their relatives. In the one of the inscriptions there is an epigram in which is esteemed a deceased wife but actually the dedication is again to Zeus – Dionysus. The fact that the deceased wife’s husband will respect the mother of Dionysus Semela definitely proves the belief in Dionysus and immortality and the existing practices of immortalization.

There is no information if the honoring of the dead in this region has been in the day of Rozaliite so far but obviously it has been connected to the Dionysus’ celebrations. The founded inscriptions in the region of Malko Tarnovo are a certain proof of this.

The intelligences about all the inscriptions devoted to Apollonius locate a sanctuary with a solar cult shrift in the region of Gradishteto.

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