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Village of Stoilovo – “Petrova niva” area
Strandzha oak-“lazhnik” tree
Strandzha oak-“lazhnik” tree

The tour lasts two hours. It can be done by two traced tourist path ways.

First one starts from the east part of the village, slides down and entries an oak-tree forest. To the right of the path way is situated the chapel “St. Troitsa”. The Veleka river is crossed through a interesting rope bridge. After that the path way continues in Petrova niva area through a steep slope and across an ancient oak-tree forest.

The other one path way crosses a glen Razdol through a thick oak-beech tree forest. Afterwards crosses the Veleka river in the area of Konchov vir (pool). Here can be seen Strandzha oaks – called “lazhnici”. The tour towards Petrova niva lasts by a steep slope at about an hour.

The walking tours by the two path ways are very pleasant. The time goes unnoticeably. Walking towards the area the tourists can pick up mushrooms and berries, collect herbs to bath in the clean and cool waters of Veleka river. There are suitable places for fishing of barbel, trout.

Last updated: 26.04.2006