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Surroundings of Brashlyan village
A shelter in Boriloto area
A shelter in Boriloto area

Round route

St. Panteleymon area – Kalenick area – Stoyanova chukka area - St. Panteleymon area

Length – 6 km

Duration – at about two hours

The tour starts from “St. Panteymon” chapel. There is built a place for a rest in a beech-hornbeam trees forest. In the beginning it starts along the old carter’s road used in the past from the locals in order to be reached Malko Tarnovo town. Mixed of beech-oak and hornbeam trees forests are passed by. The route gives a unique possibility to be watched great number of ancient trees and different bird variety.

Brashlyan village – Ravnishta area – Vazhievo area – Veleka river – Kovach area

Length – at about 7 km

Duration – at about 2 hours and a half

The countrysides Ravnishta (Levels) and Vazhievo in the past were a cottager’s villages. An old carter’s road leads to them. The route gives a possibility to enjoy the most beautiful century-old oak trees in Strandzha region. Crossing the Veleka river, the cleanest one in Bulgaria you continue to move against the stream of the river and to enjoy the nice river landscapes.

Last updated: 26.04.2006