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Malko Tarnovo – Dokuzak area – Stoilovo village – Petrova niva area
The streamlet in Dokuzak area
The streamlet in Dokuzak area

Round route

At about 25 km is the transition. It can be made by car to Soilovo village. Aidere and Veleka  rivers have to be crossed. The rout crosses the Dokuzak area where is built a tourist shelter with picnic possibility. Here are the two streamlets, unforgettable memories will leave the view of the namesake waterfall.

At “Petrova niva” area you will have the possibility to enjoy one of the most impressive panorama views to the green hills of Strandza Mountain and Veleka River.

The route gives possibility of fishing and bathing into the two rivers and watching of different species of birds. Herb collecting, mushroom and berries picking can be made in the period between early spring and late autumn.

Last updated: 26.04.2006