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Walking tours starting from Malko Tarnovo town

These tours are easy and do not take much time to be done, which made them suitable for people in different age. The tours start with asphalt-paved road and not long ago continue in forest roads and paths.

Picturesque areas with old forests, rich in variety Strandzha vegetation are passed by. Unforgettable views towards the hills of the mountain are revealed under the accompaniment of wonderful bird songs.

  • Malko Tarnovo town – “Voditsata” (water)
  • Malko Tarnovo town – “Dyadogyorgyovoto vrisle”
  • Malko Tarnovo town – “Manastircheto” (cloister)
  • Malko Tarnovo town – “Hizhata” (chalet)
    • Next tours are directed to those who prefer long distance tours and bigger tiredness.

    • Malko Tarnovo town – “Manastircheto” (cloister) – The Thracian beehive tomb in Mishkova niva area – peak Golyamoto Gradishte
      • The tour is possible only with the permission of the Border police and a guide from The Historical museum in the town.

        Last updated: 26.04.2006