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In the house of jay – the colored Harlequin of the forest
The colored Harlequin through the eyes of the children in the Natural science museum
The colored Harlequin through the eyes of the children in the Natural science museum

This tourist product is especially devoted to the young nature-lovers.

In natural collection exhibition a part of the historical museum of Malko Tarnovo town is waiting for you an unforgettable meeting with the nature of Strandzha region. Here you could use a phone box with a telephone directory in order to talk to birds. You will pass a ‘language course’ to learn the languages of some of the animals. You could enter the Dark room where the unique feeling of Strandzha night forest is experienced if you are not afraid, of course. Boards will teach you to recognize the trees by their barks. The real worth of Strandzha is understood by the help of two wooden puzzles, a chest with nature treasures, a box full of beetles, rich exhibition of photos and a hall for a video film show.

A short walking tour to the Tourist info-center follows. The path road is passing through an old oak-beech forest. The learned and seen in the natural collection exhibition help the children to apply their knowledge amidst the very nature. The duration of the tour is at about 30 minutes.

Here, you will learn more about the protected areas in the Natural park “Strandzha”, about the history and the culture of the region, you will find many information and advertising issues and will enjoy the most impressive panorama views towards the town of Malko Tarnovo.

In the area of Pryaslopa reached by is organized picnic around the fountain and the chapel “St. Troitsa”. The children could see the holy spring of the chapel and to learn more about the power of the healing water and the people’s beliefs.

Entertaining and competitive games could be organized for the group.

Don’t hesitate any longer. We are waiting for you!

Last updated: 26.04.2006