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“Bratanova Peshtera” (a cave)

Natural landmark “Bratanova peshtera” is situated 9 km away to the north-west of Malko Tarnovo town in the area of “Trite dereta” (The three gulches), on the lands of Brashlyan village. It is the largest cave in the region of Strandzha, partially explored. In one of its galleries is discovered a coin treasure from IV century B.C., it contains coins of Philip II, Alexader the Macedonian and Apoloniya. Later is discovered a tiny bronze bracelet with snakes in the ends.

It is announced as an object of great archeological and speleological significance.

As a part of the reserve Vitanovo it is located beyond the border and the access to the cave is only with a permission and à representative from the border police. Written permission from the Ministry of environment and water is required also.

Last updated: 26.04.2006