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Protected area Paroriya

It is disposed amidst the villages of Zabernovo and Kalovo in the catchn ents areas of the rivers Zaberska and Kazanski dol. Its announcement with command ¹ 845/31.10.1991 year from the Ministry of environment aims to protect a territory with virgin wood vegetation combained with cultural values. It takes a surface area from at about 988.60 hectares.

The forests are very old, different ages with century-old oak trees. In this region is the thickest and probably oldest tree in Strandzha – 1000 years old oak.

There is a very interesting legend about medieval monastery of Grigorii Sinait and the name “paroriiski” comes from it.

In the protected area and around it there are many chapels. In the karst part of Pazlatsite there is a great number of cave formations.

Last updated: 26.04.2006