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Protected area Dokuzak
The streamlet near to the village of Stoilovo
The streamlet near to the village of Stoilovo

It is a karst region in the vicinities of Malko Tarnovo town, near to the village of Stoilovo offering an exclusively attractive and impressive landscape, a river with waterfall and streamlets for a washing of tissues. Along the river valley of the Dokuzak river there are places for a rest and fishing. This is the major habitat of a Crimean tea. The attempts for its artificial growing and multiplying are successful. This gives an opportunity to be cultivated and used as a wonderful energizing tea.

The area is announced with command ¹ 845/31.10.1991 year of the Ministry of the environment. The aim of announcement is to protect the natural finds of Crime tea. Surface area – 5.0 hectares.

Last updated: 26.04.2006