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Protected area Veleka

It is situated in the lands of the villages of Zvezdets, Brashlyan and Stoilovo.

The Committee for protection of the environment to the Ministerial council announced it with command ¹76/18.01.1989 year aiming the protection of the archetypal ecosystems and pictorial canyon of the Veleka river.

This is the upper stream of Veleka river where the river crosses the karsts and forms plenty of alluvium river curves - meanders. The watersides are rocky and cliffy with precipices, unreachable of some places.

The forest slopes are covered with century-old virgin oak- and beech-tree forests. They are a shelter for many nest birds – vulture, imperial eagle, black stork and many other mammals including the otter.

The territory is very suitable for tourist visits. It can be reach from Kovach area, Petrova niva area, and village of Stoilovo and Vazhievo countryside.

Last updated: 26.04.2006