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Sredoka preserved area

It is located in the lands of Malko Tarnovo town and Stoilovo village, 3 km away from Malko Tarnovo town and 2 km away from Stoilovo village. Its total surface area is 607.8 hectares and it is announced with command 75 from 18.01.1989 year. The reserve possesses 110.2 hectares a wide open space of meadows and pasture-grounds. Its territory is an attractive place with its steep slopes and rock formations on the right waterside of the Aidere river. The great numbers of the river’s alluvium curves - meanders are taking turns to pools, rock thresholds and waterfalls and the watersides are covered with various trees and bushes. Of a great significance is the habitat of a laurel and the compact groups of holm-oak. Some of the trees of its kind reach 6 m height and 10 sm diameter. Here are preserved century-old oak and beech woods.

You could visit the reserve Sredoka only with a special permission. The rules are determined strictly.

Last updated: 26.04.2006