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Vitanovo reserve

It is situated near to the northern slopes of the main Strandzha ridge along the borderline with Turkey in the lands of Malko Tarnovo town and Brashlyan village (9 km away from Malko Tarnovo town and 5 km away from Brashlyan village). The reserve is announced by command ¹ 1113/03.12.1981 year of the Commission for protection of the environment to Ìinistry council and its surface area is 1112.4 hectares.

The region of the reserve embraces primary ecosystem of east-beech and east-durmast forests and typical underbrush of south-euxinian bushes and grasses. The middle age of the plantations is usually from 80 till 110 years. The altitude is from 400 till 600 m. The region vegetation differs from the others Strandzha reserves Silkoziya and Uzunboudzhak.

Probably there were bears if it is considered the local toponimy – Mechi dol (Bear’s gully), Mechkobievo (Bear fighting), Mechovi polyani (Bear’s meadows).

A special permission is requested in order to be entered the reserve.

Last updated: 26.04.2006