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Church “St. Troitsa” (“Holy Triad”)
East-catholic church “St.Troitsa” (“Holy Triad”)
East-catholic church “St.Troitsa” (“Holy Triad”)

The catholic parish in Malko Tarnovo town has a 140 years old history. In 1860 year after the acceptance of the Union with the Holy throne joined by the Malko Tarnovo inhabitants, for the first time in the town started a divine service in Bulgarian, for the first time was given honor to the Slavonic enlighteners Kiril and Methodii.

At first the divine service is performed in a hurried adapted chapel. By memories of the contemporaries the chapel resembled the Vitleem cave where was born Jesus Christ. A Bulgarian catholic school immediately is opened where poor little Bulgarians are taught.

In 1868 year the Catholics started to build their own church. The first Catholic Church “St. Petka” in Malko Tarnovo town was built up.

From 1884 year the divine service in the church and the attention for the school and the parish are entrusted to the Andrianopolska mission of the fathers from the Resurrection.

The community of the fathers is established among the Polish aristocratic emigrants in France. The founder Bogdan Yanski is close friend to Adam Mitscevich and Shopen. The community after the death of its founder has grown and missions are found in enslaved Bulgaria. Schools, churches, printing establishment are built. Many studious poor Bulgarians are sent to learn in some of the most celebrated Europe universities.

A great number of youths from Malko Tarnovo town graduate the Bulgarian-catholic high school in Odrin, universities in Europe and participate in establishment of the young Bulgarian state as a connection between Bulgaria and Europe.

In 1928 year the church building in Malko Tarnovo town started to demolish and in 1929 year the liturgies were stopped. After long years of institution battles on 10th of August in 1931 year the building up of the present church “St. Troitsa” (Holy Triad) started. The sanctification of the construction is made on 28th of August 1931 year.

The resources for the building are gathered as donations by private persons, organizations from Bulgaria and foreign countries, from the riches and the poors.

In the building of the church participate all parishioners and the project of the temple is a workmanship of Bulgarian architect Slavov with the financial help of Monseigneur Ronkali.

At about three months took the building of the church. The local building traditions are kept. Its sizes are: length 30 m, width 14 m, height 10 m. The church is built up on the one of the nicest high places in Malko Tarnovo town.

In the summer of 1932 year windows with iron frames are put and started the building of the high church tower which is finished in 1934 year.

By the coming of the communist authority the activity of the parish is stopped. The school is closed; all the possessions of the church are taken.

After 1993 year and the political changes in Bulgaria the flame of the spiritual life is burned up. The restoration and building of the church continues till nowadays mostly the icons are restored.

During 2000 year bishop Christo Proikov proclaims church “St. Troitsa” (Holy Triad) for a place of anniversary worship.

On 25th of May 2002 year during the visit of Pope Joan Pavel II crowned the icon of Chestohovska St. Virgin Mary

Thousands of worshipers from Bulgaria and foreign countries come to pray in the church “St. Troitsa” (Holy Triad) a sanctuary of the Malko Tarnovo St. Virgin Mary, Patroness of the Christian unity.

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