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Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno”
Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno”
Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno”

The Orthodox Church “Uspenie Bogorodichno” is built in 1830 year in the town of Malko Tarnovo. On the southern out wall of the church is built in a marble slab stone with an inscription determined the year of the building. The inscription verifies this is a Bulgarian orthodox church restored for the third time and it is sanctified on 9th of May 1899 year. It is built up on the place of an old church dating back from 1754 year. About this witnesses the preserved marble small trough with a lid for sanctified water, preserved under the holy throne engraved with greek inscription.

In the building of the church took part Russians from the army. The stay of the Russian army for all eight months in Malko Tarnovo town and their accommodation in Bulgarian houses during the winter season have been reflected auspiciously to the public life and the church activities. A new church was built up, Russian icons and liturgical books were delivered, a Slavonic speech was heard in the town. The new-built church is long 30 m, wide 15 m, and high 9 m. It is dig in three floors underground. The floor is covered up with stone slabs but on the both sides and the narthex with boards. The ceiling is wooden and vaulted. The women’s department and the place of the church choir are in the western part of the church.

In the church are preserved more than 150 icons among them there are wonderful samples of Bulgarian revival Strandzha school. A part of the icons dates back from the beginning of XIX century – “St. Troitsa”, “St. John the Baptist”, “St. Nikola” etc.

After the three serious repairs in 1878, 1899, 1932 years the church shapes in contemporary architectural, iconographical and art monument. Most impressive component of the temple is the iconostasis of the holy altar. It attracts the visitors’ eyes.

The beginning of the church activity is not written in document. It is supposed the documents appeared together with the settlement of the region in the beginning of XVII century. Priest Nikola is probably the first priest in Malko Tarnovo town. In the beginning indigents have been gathered for a prayer in their houses.

The first priests and the old church from 1754 year have been a precondition for arrangement of church board. The institution was not acknowledged by the Ottoman’s authority.

During its long history the church fights for protection and proving of the Bulgarian nationality, Bulgarian habits, customs, traditions, for induction of Slavonic liturgy, to be popularized the Slavonic writing and culture and Bulgarian spirituality.

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