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The Petrova Niva Area
A large monument reminds to the generations about the heroic times
A large monument reminds to the generations about the heroic times

The historical area Petrova niva is a place of national significance. It is situated near the village of Stoilovo. Some 20 km outside the town of Malko Tarnovo is the preserved historic area of Petrova Niva, containing a museum collection and a historic Memorial dedicated to the victims of the Preobrazhensko uprising of 1903.

The picturesque surroundings are encircled by magnificent rocks running vertically down to the calm and clear waters of the Veleka river. Thousands of thankful Bulgarians humbly lower their heads in honor of the heroism of their compatriots fallen in the fight against Turkish oppression. And when all start singing the song dedicated to the legendary Bulgarian heroes, ("The clear moon is rising now, above the woods so green, and all enslaved Strandzha is singing a song, so new, so heroic.."), all is hushed, even stones and trees, animals and birds.

Every year in the area is carried out National commemorative fair organized by Municipality of Malko Tarnovo town and Union of The Thracian associations in Bulgaria.

The memorial complex in the area of Petrova niva is included in the movement “The hundred national tourist objects”

Last updated: 26.04.2006