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Roman tomb Near Evrenozovo village
Roman tomb near Evrenozovo village
Roman tomb near Evrenozovo village

In a big mound necropolis in the area of Bakuren izvor (copper spring) in the lands of Evrenozovo village in 2003 year is discovered a unique beehive tomb from the Roman epoch – the beginning of IV century AD. It is located in the borders of the Thracian necropolis where are in the 70s of XX century found several dolmens. The stone tomb is in a mound with a semi-cylinder vault arch of the chamber and an impressive facade. A dolmen from X-IX century BC is situated near the stone tomb. The two monuments are divided by the time of more than millennium. At the territory of Bulgaria tombs like the described are not more than five or six.

The necropolises have been created around sacral eternity places. This tradition could be followed till nowadays.

The disposal of the Christian necropolises as a whole is amidst a great number of Thracian funeral mounds.
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