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Village of Mladezhko

It is situated 50 km away from the town of Bourgas to the south and 38 km away from the town of Malko Tarnovo, 200 m altitude. It is disposed within a scenic area near the springs of Mladezhka River.

Under the name of Karamluk (Dark River) the village figured in the map of H. Kippert from the end of XIX century but as Dark River existed from 1934 until 1958 year. After that is renamed as Mladezhko in the honor of the youths, built the road near the river’s stream.

In the region around the village there are caves called “Leyarnitsite”. Earliest pieces of information about the vicinities dated back to the Early Iron Ages (XII-XVIII century B. C.). Megalithic monuments are situated to the southwest of the village of Mladezhko.

To the west - 1.5 km away is the fortress “Golyamoto Kale” (one of the largest Thracian and late-ancient fortress in Strandzha Mountain). In its center is situated the cave “Kaleto” in which was discovered ceramic items from the late Middle Ages (XII-XIV century). The place is picturesque surrounded by the canyon of Bliznashka and Evrenozovska rivers.

During the Balkan Wars and after them refugees from East Thrace settled. Here are preserved specimens of so called “Sharon’s houses”, built by the state for the refugees of Odrin Thrace.

The village feast-day is celebrated on St. Virgin Mary’s day (28.08).

Interesting visiting places:

  • Caves and springs of Mladezhka River – situated to the north-west of the village.
  • Fortress “Golyamoto Kale” – ruins. There are discovered many pieces of information from late antiquity during the excavations and witnesses about her existence can be related to the development of the metallurgy in the region. Amidst finds there are coins of Constantine The Great and Theodosius I.
  • A complex of pools – the cold water of the Mladezhka River is utilized about treatment of diseases of the nervous system and treatment of the cardiac and vascular system.
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