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Village of Kalovo
A general view
A general view

It is situated 3 km away to the south of the road Visitsa – Bosna, and 54 km away from the town of Malko Tarnovo, 57 km away of the town of Bourgas; 250 m altitude. It is situated on the southern slopes of the Bosna ridge.

The name of the village is derived from the Greek word ‘calos’ meaning “beautiful, nice” although the village has always been Bulgarian.

First pieces of information about the village are extracted from the tax registers from XVII century.

In the near areas there are megalithic monuments – dolmens in the areas of “Zmeyuvi Kashti” (Dragons` houses) and “Pohlupen kamuk” (Covered stone) and Thracian mound necropolises in the areas of “Tumbata”, “Yanovoto nivie”, “Koriite” and “Gyola”.

To the east of Kalovo is situated protected area Paroriya.

There exists local legend about the tradesman’s arrival in the area of Sardzhevo. He offered to the peasants to settle the place of the present village because of the southern position, saved of the northern winds and the nice view. Part of the Sardzhovski peasants listened to him and moved to the new place established the nowadays village of Kalovo.

The village’s celebration is on the St. Panteleymon’s day (9th of August).

Interesting visiting places:

  • Church “St. George” – dates back from XVIII-XIX century. Restored soon.
  • Chapels “St. Panteleymon” (to the west 2 km away of village), “St. Petka” (4 km to the north of the village in “Paroriya” area, common to Zabernovo village), “St. Todor”
  • Dolmen in the area of Pohlupen kamuk (Covered stone). It is 1.5 km to the north-west of the village. Some parts are in preservation, its plates are broken.
  • Dolmen – to the west of Kalovo village in the area “Zmeyuvi kashti”. Partially preserved.
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