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Village of Bliznak (Twin)

It is situated to the south of the town of Bourgas, 54 km away and 41 km away from the town of Malko Tarnovo, 350 m altitude. The old names of the village are Karaviran, Karaevren (in Turkish means “black dragon”). Under the name of Karaviran the village figures in a tax register of the Anhial kaza (region) from the second half of XVII century.

Archeological finds show that a settlement has existed on this place ever since the time of Bizian Thracian kings and later during the time of the Roman emperor. To the south of the village in the area “Karaevrenovsko kale” (Gradishte) are found coins and in the very village is discovered a relief of three nymphs from II AD and ŕ treasure of 499 folisis - silvered copper coins of the Roman emperors from IV century. The impressive marble relief of the three nymphs is preserved only at its bottom side. Nowadays this plastic masterpiece can be seen in the Historical museum of Malko Tarnovo town.

Near to the village, at the highest place there are remains of the famous “Karaevrenska kula” (tower).The events known as “Karaevrenska katastrofa” (1803 year) are connected to it. The tower of the local spahi Yumer Draza was burned up by the Kurdjali hordes and in it burned to death hundreds of people. Many written documents, folk songs and legends evidence about these events, which have happened at the end of kurdjali times. Inhabitants of the village are heirs of the refugees from East Thrace, settled in it during 1913 year.

The feast-day of Bliznak village is celebrated on St. Virgin Mary’s day (21.09).

Interesting visiting places:

  • Dolmens in “Tranliva niva” area
  • Monastery “Zhivotopriemnii iztochnik” – the only active monastery in Starndzha. It is situated near village of Golyamo Bukovo and at about 12 km away from Bliznak Village.
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